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1 - Kate/Juliet - Lost

Kate/Juliet are definitely my favorite femslash pairing, and probably my favorite pairing, period. They also are the pairing that got me into shipping femslash, thanks to one person who knows exactly who she is, and seeing subtext almost everywhere. Why I love them, is mainly because they work so well together. They complete each other just perfectly, they’re both flawed but in different ways and they are exactly what each other needs. They definitely are the best thing that could have come out of that damn love quadrangle the lost writers thought it was clever to make last so long.

2 - Emily/JJ - Criminal Minds

JJ/Emily are pretty high in my top since I just finished watching the whole 5 seasons of criminal minds. The subtext between those two is pretty obvious, and even if it stayed to subtext it’s hard not to see it. Emily Prentiss is so gay I can’t even understand HOW some people can ship her with Hotch or any other guy in the show, it just doesn’t work and the flirting with JJ is all around. This hospital scene is one of the most obvious but the scene where JJ announces to the team she’s engaged to that stupid dude you can totally see Emily’s heart breaking on her face. I mean literally, it’s not just the fangirl speaking.

3 - Jane/Maura - Rizzoli & Isles

Jane/Maura is so obvious that if you don’t see it, your case is desperate when it comes to femslash. Not only Jane Rizzoli is the gayest cop that ever gayed on tv (copyright [livejournal.com profile] sidewalk_doctor), but the relationship between those two is the one of an old couple. The subtext is all around in this show it’s almost like the writers are pushing too hard and then backing up by throwing male love interests in there that are not even remotely believable.
4 - Cara/Kahlan - Legend Of The Seeker

Cara/Kahlan are very subtexty in the show, but this show looked like it was made for the fan service anyway. Sadly, while Cara is obviously bi-sexual and even had some lesbian kissing scenes in the show, the writers stuck to the utterly boring canon het pairing that is Kahlan/Richard (bleh those two can put an hyperactive kid on redbull to sleep). The subtext reached a peak in the middle of season 2 before going down the drain in the serie finale, but it was still worth it.

5 - Kate/Cassidy - Lost

I didn’t really shipped Kate/Cassidy for long, mostly because Kate/Juliet is so much more fantastic, but I like to see them as something that happened before Kate came to the island and made her more open to the possibilities of dating a woman. They wouldn’t really be a couple but more a one night stand that turned into a friendship due to the closeness of their respective situation (Fugitive for Kate and con-woman for Cassidy).

This minispam was made for a challenge at [livejournal.com profile] femslash_land. Please do not steal/repost/hotlink
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