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evilblacksheep - mainly friends only
What you can find in this LJ :
  - Icons
  - Posts about movies, tv shows, video games and more
  - Fannish posts to feed my inner fangirl
  - Other stuffs I can't think about right now

Most of the posts are Friends Only, except the icons posts and a few others. You can always ask if you wanna be added.
2010 in movies, tv, books and games.

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love is not about gender

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alan lee, alan rickman, alison bechdel, animation, armistead maupin, atheism, babylon 5, beer, bioshock, black sheep, books, but i'm a cheerleader, caffeine, cake is a lie, calvin and hobbes, christina hendricks, christopher eccleston, christopher lee, cinema, coffee, cold case, comics, cooking, ctrl+alt+del, cyberpunk, d20, daria, david bowie, dead like me, dead rising, discworld, doctor who, dollhouse, dr. horrible, duck, dykestowatchoutfor, ellen degeneres, elphaba thropp, evangeline lilly, fallout, fallout 3, fantasy, films, freaks & geeks, french, futurama, g'kar, gaming, gay rights, geek, geek stuff, geekdom, ghibli, gordon ramsay, graphic design, gregory house, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, hobbes, house m.d., hugh jackman, ian mckellen, icons, jeux vidéos, jj abrams, joaquin phoenix, johnny cash, jrr tolkien, kate austen, kate winslet, lesbian, lilo, locke lamora, lord of the rings, lost, lotr, macro, men in trees, misfits, monty python, movies, music, nightmare before christmas, ninth doctor, photography, photoshop, pirates, pixar, post apocalyptic games, post-apocalypse, queen, rent, repo! the genetic opera, roleplaying, sanctuary, science fiction, severus snape, shaun of the dead, sheep, snape, steampunk, stephen king, still alive, studio ghibli, terry gilliam, terry pratchett, the big bang theory, the dark tower, the gentlemen bastards, tigger, tim burton, tin man, tracie thoms, tv shows, video games, walk the line, webdesign, weighted companion cube, wicked, x-men, xbox 360, zombies, ♀♀
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